What Will's clients have to say...

It is hard to express in words the creative joy I experienced during my time at Imaginary Road Studios working with Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton. The abundance of nature all around, the beauty and quality of the studio and the supportive fun approach from Will and Tom made the whole process of recording music a joyful experience.

Will Ackerman sets a gold standard of recording music. His years of experience, refined ears, sensibility and emphasis on the dynamic emotional content of the music created a foundation to help bring my musical ideas to their full potential. His network of musicians is of the highest quality and his warmth and personal approach made my time with him both fun and effective.

Tom Eaton is an engineer of such high quality, my guitar has never sounded so good!! He is truly a pleasure to work with and was always accommodating to my needs and comfort.

Thanks to Will, Tom and Imaginary Road Studios my project has reached heights I didn't even imagine!

Todd Boston

I believe there is no integrity greater than the intention of a single note. Knowing which moments hold the magic is the difference between music produced at Imaginary Road and elsewhere - they understand this perfectly. This is a place where music and talent is fostered and nurtured and comes to life as it should, as you had always hoped, dreamed........and imagined.

Thanks Will and the Imaginary Road Team.

Fiona Joy Hawkins (7 time ZMR Award Winner)

Will simply brings you to heights you'd never reach alone, and guides you to performances you never knew you had inside.

Jeff Oster NAR Album of the Year 2007

Will Ackerman is a brilliant producer and incredible artist.

Karen Marie Garrett NAR Best Instrumental Album - Piano 2007

You will never find a more professional, talented producer anywhere on the planet.

Frank Smith NAR Best Instrumental Album - Acoustic

As producer of my last two projects, Will Ackerman's influence elevated my composing and performance to new heights. I just "happened" to write the best music of my career while working with Will.

Stanton Lanier

....if it is at all possible...and he will have me...I will never do another CD without Will Ackerman as producer.

Rocky Fretz

Our time at Imaginary Road Studios was magical. Will was able to envision and bring things out in our music that I had never imagined on my own. The results were truly beyond what I had expected. He is a gifted and driven producer and a just a great guy to team with.

Erin Aas

Working with Will as my producer has made me a better artist and human being. He is a man who truly cares about helping create your dreams and visions. He listens with an open heart, understands the unheard rhythm, and dances with the ever-changing ebb and flow. All the while reaching into the true depth of what the music can be, bringing it to the surface. The beauty, the substance, the process, that is Will Ackerman and his work.

Ronnda Cadle Camano Island, WA

Producing your album at Imaginary Road will become one of the greatest experiences of your life. Professionally, Will Ackerman's creative genius combined with Corin Nelsen's incredible technical ability will maximize your musical potential and catapult your project into the realm of epic. Aesthetically, the idyllic setting of Imaginary Road will capture your heart and call the music from your very soul like you've never seen before. There is simply no better place on earth more technically and artistically suited to produce your album than Imaginary Road.

Peter Jennison

In the world of music production Will Ackerman is in a league of his own. His wealth of experience only adds to his innate ability to cut straight to the heart of the artists creativity. While listening closely to the composer, he shares is own vision for their music, guiding them often unknowingly to a place they perhaps never even knew existed. Suddenly they find themselves in their own new world of music. A truly brilliant producer.

Heidi Breyer

Working with Will Ackerman at Imaginary Road Studios was an honor and a pleasure! While affable (and with a great sense of humor), Will is sharply attuned to the highest quality and detail. Search elsewhere for the typical big-time producer ego. He’s an unusual blend of meticulous and laid back, a watchdog for musical excellence without a lot of barking. It was clear from day one that Will was in our court to help us make the very best record possible. The property the studio sits on is a combination of Better Homes & Gardens and a Nature preserve, a pastoral haven in the rolling hills outside Brattleboro, VT. I can’t think of better surroundings to create music in!

Devin Rice

There has been no single greater influence upon me as Will Ackerman… as a producer he has conjured from my writing and performance capabilities nuances and emotions that I was not even aware existed let alone believed I could capture. He does this (what appears) effortlessly and with a wry smile that tenderly suggests “I told you so”. Ackerman is a staggering example of a true musical voice and visionary unparalleled in his abilities. Working with him has been one of the most tremendous honors of my life.

Patrick Gorman Boston

It's a challenge to find just the right elements that enable an artist to create a musical statement from a few rough ideas. Capturing them with clarity and authenticity so they may be shared for years to come is an even greater challenge. Will Ackerman achieves precisely that. This magical symbiosis lies in not merely his technical expertise [acquired honing his craft over more than thirty years], but in his ability to literally inhabit a melody and navigate a rhythm in order to reproduce music worthy of your artistic vision. He has produced a body of work that has exceeded all of my expectations.

Noa Bursie


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