house concerts

"I would never trade the experience of my concerts at Carnegie Hall for anything. Then there was the night they turned the lights off at Red Rocks outside of Denver so that the full moon could illuminate the performance Michael Hedges, Shadowfax and I were giving that night. The courtyard at Palazzo Murat in Positano, Italy, the warm night at the Hollywood Bowl, the night they lit an entire mountain in it's fall colors in the Japanese Alps at Yasugatake.

It's hard to beat those experiences, but I'm finding that some of my most memorable experiences of late are taking place in living rooms, playing for a small group of friends without any amplification - more or less how I started playing for people 35 years ago.

If you would be interested in having me perform in your home or any intimate, informal setting, please let me know by writing me here and I'll be back to you right away."



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