Was it This Lifetime?  CD cover  Will AckermanI created Windham Hill Records to release my first recording, “In Search of the Turtle’s Navel”, in 1976.  My wildest dream at the time was to sell 300 copies of the LP; the minimum order the record pressing plant required. That Windham Hill would grow to be one of the most successful independent record labels in history was light-years from anything I could have imagined.  Before long, I found myself the CEO of a large and growing record label. I never envisioned Windham Hill as a corporation, but that’s what we’d become.   On a personal level I missed the simplicity and innocence of the early days and ultimately sold the label to people who I knew would respect what we had created and nurtured.  I took some time off from recording.  A few years passed without any new music from me, then in 2008 I was approached by Target stores to release CDs exclusively for them.  The CDs included earlier pieces of mine along with new compositions.

This compilation includes what I think are the best of the new pieces I released post Windham Hill.   It was fun putting these together on one CD. 



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