Will's Picks

Every now and again, I would like to let you know of works of art or literature (or craftsmanship or cookery) that particularly inspired me. I'd be happy if someone did the same for me, so here goes.

La Cabañita Mexican restaurant, Wasco, CA. One of the best enchiladas on earth. If you're hauling down Rt. 99, by all means stop by.


And let me tell you about my friend, Michael Millard. Froggy, as he's sometimes known, is the founder and owner of Froggy Bottom Guitars. In the whole world of choices before me, with all of the many talented guitar builders on earth, there is no one who is making a guitar more remarkable than Michael (and Andy and Eric) at Froggy Bottom. I have five Froggy Bottom guitars. There is simply no recommendation on earth I could offer more easily. I swear I get nothing for saying this - Michael charges me what he charges everyone else (he says he charges me more!) Froggy Bottom guitars define my style of playing and have graced my recordings for years. There is nothing better.


Dan Snow is my next door neighbor here in Windham County, Vermont. Dan is a stone mason. He is simply brilliant, a true artist. A book about his work which is loaded with beautiful photos by Peter Mauss has just been released by Workman Press. It's entitled In The Company of Stone and I'm happy to report that over they years my home has been blessed with his work (my home is "property A" in the photos). Whether you're particularly interested in stone work or are contemplating having work done or simply revel in rare talent, I promise you'll delight in this book.


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